Florida Online Course Provider Disclosure Statement

Overview of eDynamic Learning
eDynamic Learning offers an array of online CTE and elective courses for grades 6-12 with our Instructional Services partner. eDynamic Learning online courses are rooted in research, best practices, and engagement. All eDynamic Learning courses are designed utilizing backward design methodology leveraging Behavioral, Cognitive, and Constructivist learning theories. All courses have been aligned and meet the NSQ Online Course and Florida state standards.

Courses are appropriate for a varied audience – students who attend school full-time and part-time, accelerated students, students-at-risk, and students with various learning needs. Courses are WCAG 2.0AA compliant, allowing any student, including those who may have special visual, auditory, or cognitive needs, access to course content.

Our Instructional Services partner holds accreditations with the National Virtual Teachers Association, NCAA, and Cognia.

Contact Information
At the start of the semester, students receive a Welcome Course Package. This includes a course syllabus, grading information, and a pacing guide. Teachers will also send an introduction letter to students via email that includes their background and contact information. Throughout the semester, teachers post weekly announcements, and engage with individual students via email. Teachers will respond within 24 hours of receiving communication.

Administrative offices can be reached for information about courses, instructors, or other needed assistance. Email: teacherservices@edynamiclearning.com; Phone: 877-585-2029

Technical support is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PST via email. Additionally, technical support tickets can be filed via a support portal, which is available 24 hours/day. Technical Support

eDynamic Learning’s Head Office is located at 1256 Main Street, Suite 256, Southlake, TX 76092. eDynamic Learning also has a support office located at 101-1865 Dilworth Drive, Suite 510, Kelowna, BC V1Y9T1 Canada.

Instructor Information
All teachers have a minimum of an undergraduate degree in education, or an undergraduate degree in the subject. Many teachers hold advanced degrees. All teachers have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience – a combination of classroom and online instruction. As additional personnel are hired this listing will be updated. All instructors teaching Florida courses will hold the appropriate Florida certification.

Subject Area Instructor Location Instructor State Certifications
Social Studies Florida Florida
English Florida Florida
Electives Florida Florida

Student/Teacher Ratios and Teacher Load
Average student/teacher ratio depends on the type of course. The more complex the course, the lower the ratio. Teacher load (number of students assigned to a teacher): 250:1

Student Performance
As online course providers, eDynamic Learning and our Instructional Services partner are not privy to any given student’s state-administered or nationally standardized summative assessments. Such summative assessments are coordinated, administered and maintained by the student’s Local Education Agency (LEA) or home school district and are not shared or reported to eDynamic Learning or our Instructional Services partner.

Below are the national course-specific outcomes data for eDynamic Learning courses. A passing grade for the purposes of this report is 60%. Students who did not complete the course are excluded from the Fail figures.

School Years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021

The Successful Completion Rate for the following eDynamic Learning course data is defined as students who passed the course with a 60% or higher.

eDL Course FL Course Successful Completion Rate
Allied Health Assistant 1a/1b Allied Health Assisting 3 88.9%
American Sign Language 1a/1b American Sign Language 1 72.97%
American Sign Language 2a/2b American Sign Language 2 66.8%
Anatomy & Physiology 1a/1b Health Science Anatomy & Physiology 60%
Creative Writing Creative Writing 1 53.7%
Creative Writing: Unleashing the Core of Your Imagination Creative Writing 2 49.23%
Culinary Arts 1a/1b Culinary Arts 1 59.29%
Digital Photography 1a/1b Creative Photography 1 52.45%
Entrepreneurship 1a/1b Entrepreneurship 66.67%
Forensic Science 1: Secrets of the Dead Criminal Justice Operations 3 78.18%
Forensics: Science of Crime Criminal Justice Operations 3 78.18%
Health 1: Life Management Skills Health 1: Life Management Skills 78.08%
Journalism 1a/1b Journalism 1 60.76%
Law & Order Law Studies 37.36%
Life Skills Life Management Skills 70.04%
MS Career Exploration 1 Orientation to Career Clusters 57.84%
MS Coding 1a/1b Computer Science Discoveries 2 48.65%
MS Coding 1a/1b Coding Fundamentals 48.65%
MS Journalism Journalism 1 59.26%
Nursing Assistant 1a/1b Nursing Assistant 3 60%
Personal and Family Finance Personal and Family Finance 71.09%
Personal Psychology Psychology 1 75.5%
Real World Parenting Parenting Skills 75.37%
Social Media Social Media 1 62.71%
Sociology 1 Sociology 1 74.47%
Theater, Cinema, and Film Production 1a/1b Theater, Cinema, and Film Production 71.43%
Workplace & Internship Readiness Workplace Essentials 50%

Educator Performance
Each semester, our Instructional Services partner gathers the following feedback about a teacher’s performance:

  • Monitoring courses and outcomes
  • Collecting student/parent/advocate/onsite teacher feedback
  • Reviewing teacher comments on students’ assignments (without violating FERPA)
  • Evaluating average student performance per course
  • Interacting with the teacher
  • Gathering feedback from the teacher’s manager at Proximity

Results from the feedback form the teacher’s Performance Appraisal. Our Instructional Services partner may assign one of the following categories –

  • Exceeds expectations
  • Meets expectations
  • Does not meet expectations

Any teacher who falls into the “does not meet expectations” category will be placed on a
Performance Improvement Plan for the next semester.

Nonsectarian and Anti-Discrimination Policies
eDynamic Learning is nonsectarian in its courses, enrollment policies, employment practices, and operations.

eDynamic Learning operates without regard to student or employee race, sex, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, age, marital or family status, sexual orientation, ancestry, political beliefs, pregnancy, disability/impairment, gender identity or expression, or any other ground that is in violation of the law. No person shall be restricted access to, excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any eDynamic Learning course, program, or activity, or in any employment conditions or practices.

eDynamic Learning employs an external diversity/sensitivity editorial organization to review our lessons, images, and assessments to identify potential bias, stereotypes, and inauthenticity. This editorial group assigns readers to review material from the perspective of their own lived experiences. Depending on the subject matter, the diversity readers assist with identifying potentially insensitive language, and we adjust and update if needed, prior to release.

Florida Statewide Assessment Program
eDynamic Learning does not offer courses that require Florida State end-of-course exams and does not administer these assessments. Students should coordinate their testing locations, dates, and times with their home school district. Additional information can be found using this link, Information for Florida Families.

FERPA Information
To provide Teacher as a Service offering or any other instructional services, eDynamic Learning and its trusted partners need to access, store, and process certain student personally identifiable information (PII). Student PII includes student names, academic performance in the course, and other information that is necessary to perform teaching service and related reporting. Student PII is only used for legitimate educational purposes, under “school official” exemption to FERPA. eDynamic Learning never sells, discloses, or uses student PII for sales, marketing, or other purposes, except what is reasonably necessary to provide the teaching service. School district remains in control over all student PII and can request review or removal of any student record as required.
Instructional Services Partner FERPA Policy

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