Work-Based Learning with CareerCraft

Establish industry partners and a work-based learning program for your students with CareerCraft.

CareerCraft’s deep industry corporate connections enable you to build your local and regional network quickly so you can offer your students exciting and relevant work-based learning opportunities. And you can manage your partnerships in an easy-to-use platform that allows you to facilitate, find, monitor, and measure opportunities for your students and the effectiveness of your program.

Teacher and Student

CareerCraft helps you:

  • Build your talent pipeline to provide work-based learning opportunities
  • Store training plans and partnership agreements
  • Inform students about possible career pathways
  • Connect students to available opportunities
  • Track business partner engagement and student participation
  • Evaluate employability skills

Support students in gaining real-world experience and making decisions about college, career and/or the military through CareerCraft!

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