Who We Are

eDynamic Learning is one of North America’s largest providers of high school career and elective courses. Since 2008, we have developed over 100 specialized, high-interest courses rarely found in other catalogs, from Forensic Science to Culinary Arts, American Sign Language to Game Design and everywhere in between. Our personalized learning system encourages students to take increased ownership in their overall learning experience and allows them the opportunity to study subjects and career options that appeal specifically to them. By driving career exploration at the secondary level, eDynamic Learning ensures that students leave high school with a firm understanding of their interests and aptitudes and the preparation necessary to make college and career decisions.

With eDynamic, students learn with unlimited flexibility. Our courses are mobile, accessible, and engaging. They can be accessed from any device at any time and are inclusive for all types of learners. This means everyone can participate equally, including students with disabilities. Finally, our clean, modern design engages and guides students to success.

As schools across North America continue to face budget and resource challenges, eDynamic Learning ensures that career and elective courses remain a vital part of the curriculum by providing an easily customizable, cost effective solution. Each course also includes a detailed teacher guide and free access to the eDynamic support team. Our promise to you: a hassle-free LMS integration, increased student enrollment, flexible teacher implementations, and engaged students.