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Tanya Hyatt, MBA, M.Ed.

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Before joining the EdTech industry in curriculum specialist and marketing roles, Tanya proudly served as a classroom teacher who helped diverse populations of students achieve success through personalization and differentiation. Tanya is a former teacher who taught for years as a multi-age teacher and subject matter teacher to diverse classroom populations that included different reading levels, achievement levels, interests, and physical, mental, and emotional needs of students – including special needs and gifted and talented. This meant having to really dig deep into personalization and differentiation, including creating independent study tracks for her students. Tanya has also taught in public charter and public schools in multiple states, is a recipient of multiple technology in the classroom grants, and has experience creating and delivering virtual trainings to meet the needs of different learners. Tanya has a BS in Education with endorsements in Integrated Science and Social Studies, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Education: Instructional Design.

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