Student Success Stories

quoteFirst off, I would just like to say thank you for allowing me to take this course, I had a lot of fun. I really liked how I knew the due dates, so I could plan what I was doing weekly on my own time frame. I really liked how in the beginning there was a ‘get-to-know-the-program’ unit first, so I knew what to expect through the actual units. I really liked the last unit’s content, the manulizam vs. oralism really drew me in. I thought the content overall was very entertaining; it was really interesting to me.

Fashion Design Course

“As a student, there are many interesting opportunities to get some real-life applications out of the courses, and the courses are interest driven, interesting, and fun.”

As part of an eDynamic assignment, one of our students in the Fashion Design course contacted a well-known YouTube personality and asked for an interview… it was done via Skype the very next day! This student was so excited and motivated by this assignment that encouraged her to reach out to someone working in the field she was interested in. The online designer does video for HGTV and has a regular YouTube Channel (OMG) with millions of followers (Mr. Kate), but they took the time to respond back and answer her questions. It was a fantastic opportunity for our student, who is now even more excited to choose home design and remodelling as a career, and all because of a short school assignment!


Entrepreneurship Course

“It was the most useful course I have taken in my high school career because it taught me things I can take right out and use for a real life business.”

– Heather Pelletier
District Coordinator, Matanuska Susitna Borough School District
Palmer, Alaska



“I really had a good time with the activity 1’s because they really made me think about the vocab and the five elements going into each sign. I also really liked the labs, especially the one where I made a Google slide for the class. I had a blast reading through how medical professionals see deaf as a illness and how people of the Deaf Community see it as a better way of seeing life. I personally think that it is just an amazing thing.”