South Carolina Approved Courses2022 South Carolina State Approved Courses

eDynamic Learning is proud to present 25 fully-approved elective and CTE courses for South Carolina textbook adoption 2022-2027! These fully digital courses feature highly-engaging content supported by literacy accessibility tools. We welcome you to review course outlines by clicking on any course link below, and, to aid in your review process, you may request your own personalized demo access.

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South Carolina CTE Course Titles eDynamic Learning Course Name
Foundations of Public Health Health Science: Public Health
Pharmacology for Medical Careers Pharmacology 1a (1st semester)
Pharmacology 1b (2nd semester)
Discovering Computer Science 9-12 Principles of Informational Technology 1a (1st semester)
Principles of Informational Technology 1b (2nd semester)
Foods and Nutrition Nutrition and Wellness
Workplace Communications Business Communications 1a (1st semester)
Business Communications 1b (2nd semester)
Foundations of Animation Animation 1a (1st semester)
Animation 1b (2nd semester)
Cyber Security Fundaments Network Security Fundamentals 1a (1st semester)
Network Security Fundamentals 1b (2nd semester)
Marketing Marketing Foundations 1a (1st semester)
Marketing Foundations 1b (2nd semester)
Business Law and Adv Business Law Business Law 1a (1st semester)
Business Law 1b (2nd semester)
Fundamentals of Business, Marketing and Finance Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance 1a (1st semester)
Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance 1b (2nd semester)
Health Science – Clinical Study – EKG EKG Technician 1a (2nd semester)
EKG Technician 1b (2nd semester)
International Business International Business
South Carolina Academic Course Titles eDynamic Learning Course Name
Anatomy and Physiology 9-12 Anatomy and Physiology 1a (1st semester)
Anatomy and Physiology 1b (2nd semester)
Astronomy 9-12 Astronomy 1a (1st semester)
Astronomy 1b (2nd semester)

All of our courses are developed in-house offering one consistent design. Watch this video to see a sample course.

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Our award-winning courses are research-based and flexible for all learners, whatever their abilities or disabilities. 

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