eDynamic Learning Professional Development

A Partner in Your Success

As a teacher-founded company, our mission at eDynamic Learning is to partner with you to ensure you get the most important ROI — your Return on Instruction. We provide personalized professional development experiences to ensure you are equipped with the most relevant, research-based, teaching methods and strategies.


Professional Development

Flexible Delivery Options

eDynamic Learning’s diverse course curriculum can support you through a wide variety of implementation options and through flexible online or blended learning models. Training can be tailored to address these unique district initiatives.

Flexible Options

Keys To Success

We know that the key to any successful curriculum adoption is purposeful and relevant professional development. Our transformative PD will be delivered by educators who can provide a wide-range of implementation support. You’ll be empowered to successfully implement eDynamic Learning courses using different instructional strategies within various instructional settings, using researched-based teaching strategies.

Keys to Success

Professional Development Brochure

Thoughtfully Customized Professional Development Planning

Collaborative District Needs Planning
We begin with our complimentary Collaborative District Needs Planning meeting where we work with you to carefully plan your custom professional development experiences based on your goals and requirements.

Supporting You a Variety of Way

Professional Growth

eDynamic Learning Professional Development Options

Implementation Essentials Workshop: Developing a Strong Foundation
Our professional development series begins with our Implementation Essentials Workshop to provide you with the foundational skills you need to start implementing eDL curriculum in your classes on Day 1. You’ll learn how to navigate the courses, understand the lesson structure, digital features, components for instructional support and teacher resources. This includes formative and summative assessments, rubrics, and the basics for customization.

*In the Instructional Services workshop, facilitators will learn more about their role and how they will support their students on a day-to-day basis and interact with the state-certified virtual instructor who will guide, monitor and grade student work.

Implementation Essentials Workshop

Brick & Mortar School

Implementation Essentials Workshop

Online School/Program

Implementation Essentials Workshop

Instructional Services

Elevating Instructional Strategies
The next step in our professional development series offers schools a variety of options to integrate the curriculum with best practices. Our Elevating Instructional Strategies options give educators the skills and knowledge to hone in on specific instructional methods that make sense for their classroom or district’s needs.

Elevating Instructional Strategies

Blended Learning

Elevating Instructional Strategies

Project-Based Learning

Elevating Instructional Strategies

Differentiated Instruction

On-going Coaching, Professional Development, and Support
Ongoing professional development is essential for continued success and increased academic achievement. Through our On-going Coaching, Professional Development, and Support we can provide you with a wide variety of options to support you throughout the school year.

On-Going Coaching

Focus Walks

On-Going Coaching

Modeling Lessons

On-Going Coaching

Co-Planning & Co-Teaching

On-Going Coaching

Observation & Feedback

As educators, we celebrate when you’re successful and want to ensure you feel excited and empowered to implement your new eDL curriculum through relevant, purposeful, and flexible professional development. We look forward to being your partner now and in the years ahead in helping you grow and produce a strong ROI – Return on Instruction!

  • Face-to-face workshops are be delivered onsite for up to 6 hours. *25 participants.
  • Virtual training is delivered in up to 3 hours blocks.

*Districts have the ability to customize workshops to include a variety of elements from several workshops working directly with their eDynamic Learning Professional Development Specialist.