American Sign Language Courses

Did you know that ASL is the third most commonly used language in the US?




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Course Highlights

  • More than 775 videos from Deaf individuals who use ASL every day! These new videos feature dialogs between Deaf individuals and are paced to allow learners to follow and to mirror the signs
  • ACTFL standards
    Developed to meet both ACTFL and state standards
  • Opportunities for Practice
    Student experience using the language with spiraling activities
  • Etiquette
    Covers everything students need to understand Deaf etiquette
  • Culture & Community
    Describes various aspects of Deaf culture, providing a glimpse into the rich and varied Deaf community
  • Expertise
    Deaf educators fluent in ASL and English serve as subject matter experts. They consult on course development, accuracy, instructions and respectful depiction of the Deaf community and Deaf culture. They teach American Sign Language and hold Master’s degrees from Gallaudet University


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