Flexible Licensing & Implementation

At eDynamic Learning, our licensing and implementation options are simple and flexible, making it easy for schools to get up and running quickly and effectively with our online digital curriculum.

Licensing Options

Through our Enterprise license, students enrolled in your district have access to the library list option you select for the school year. The schedule fee is based on the total number of enrolled students at the campus/district. Our library options include:

eDL Course Libraries

Student Virtual License
Through our Student Virtual License, schools can select a student seat option with access to our course library or a student enrollment option where they can select any single course from our full course catalog.

Teacher License Bundle
Through our Teacher License bundle, one teacher receives a license and can access and utilize course materials from up to 3 courses in our full course catalog. This teacher license gives them the ability to utilize the course projects, lessons, and any of the curriculum to supplement their instruction. Each course includes extensive teacher resource materials. *This license is not eligible to be used in virtual school environment.


eDynamic Learning’s course curriculum can be used in a variety of ways. The dependable user-friendly design, consistently high-quality content and flexible framework allows you to deliver courses with your creativity, knowledge and skill. Courses can be easily customized to allow you to add your own lessons, activities, videos, documents and much more.

Flexible Options

eDynamic Learning curriculum is used in a variety of online and blended learning models, runs on all technology platforms and devices and is compatible with nearly all LMS systems.


eDynamic Learning works closely with you to help ensure the best possible ROI – your Return on Instruction. Our team of Professional Development Specialists are educators who understand the classroom environment and how to support a variety of implementation models using eDynamic Curriculum. Learn how we can support you year round.

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