CTE Curriculum for Continuous Learning

Offering a comprehensive CTE program that provides students a variety of career path options can be challenging. But at eDynamic Learning, we partner with school districts across the nation to help them meet a variety of needs and requirements. We start by offering the largest collection of customizable and flexible, digital CTE curriculum for teaching and learning, and then offer professional development to help you see the best return on your instruction, and much more. Learn how we can help you grow and expand your programs of study.

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CTE & Career Ready Library

CTE & Career Library
The CTE and Career Library offers schools digital courseware to support their CTE Plan or Programs of Study (POS).

Teacher Helping Student

Instructional Framework
Our comprehensive course curriculum is designed and written with engaging curriculum narratives that employ backward design methodologies to support teaching and learning best practices.

Professional Development

Professional Development
Our collaborative, job-embedded, data-driven, and classroom-focused, PD workshops can be delivered virtually, in person, or through a self-paced course.

Industry Certifications

Industry Certifications
eDynamic Learning’s career-ready courses help prepare students for nearly 70 industry-recognized certifications.

Continuos Learning

Continuous Learning
Our online digital curriculum can be used as a textbook replacement and offers continuous learning, no matter where learning takes place.

Equity and Access

Equity & Access
We strive to provide an equitable and accessible learning experience for all students through our curriculum.

Instructional Services

Instructional Services
Expand your CTE Career Pathways and course options even when you can’t find instructors specialized in specific career clusters through our Instructional Service Options.

Workplace Readiness

Workplace & Internship Readiness
No matter what CTE pathway your students enroll in, they’ll want our Workplace & Internship Readiness course to prepare for those hands-on experiences.

Perkins V

Perkins V
Learn how we support a variety of requirements of Perkins V.

Come to our sessions at ACTE

Equity & Access: Tools for All Students to Achieve
As educators, we strive to meet the needs of all our students. As a teacher-founded company, eDynamic Learning is no different. In this workshop, we’ll share how our curriculum allows you to offer a broad view of new and unique career fields to your students and opportunities to explore the world around them. Our courses are continually reviewed to identify potential bias, stereotypes, and inauthenticity. They pave the way to help students find success, whether they go on to college or right into the workforce. Courses offer flexibility to accommodate IEP & 504 plans and tools to support ELL students and those with reading challenges or disabilities. Our courses are also WCAG 2.0 AA compliant to support hearing or visually impaired students and are responsively designed to run on all devices, including cell phones. Learn more ways eDynamic Learning supports equity and access for all learners.

Keep Students on Track & Engaged in CTE Despite COVID
Statistically, we all know that when students are involved in CTE programs, they have a higher chance of graduating as they see the connection between school and work. But COVID-19 has brought some new challenges we all did not foresee. It has made it challenging for schools to offer rich activities and labs, participate in service hours, and keep students’ learning on track. During this session, you’ll learn how eDynamic Learning has solutions to support you to keep your students engaged, prepared, and find success in the future!

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