Career Ready Program™



Schools and districts have an enormous challenge to ensure they meet the needs of every student, find ways to engage them in learning, and effectively prepare them to graduate.

Through eDynamic Learning’s large library of career-ready course options, students can define their future, ignite their learning, and stay engaged.  Educators are empowered with a flexible curriculum that offers endless options to easily customize and personalize by incorporating additional elements or media options.


eDL Career Ready Program

93% of students in CTE programs graduate, compared to the overall national average of 80%.*

Workforce or college?

Just like each student is unique, their options for their future are as well.  Read more in our Blog – How All Students Benefit from CTE.

Blog - How All Students Benefit from CTE

The eDynamic Learning Career Ready Program™ focuses on the following clusters: Information Technology, Health Science, and Business Management & Administration.  These pathways gear students toward fields in the highest demand, with the highest wages.


Healthcare and STEM coureses


With more than 120 courses in 22 career tracks, the curriculum is aligned to national and examination standards and allows students to explore their career options before making a choice.  Students then follow a clearly defined path to acquire the technical knowledge and skills required to bring them to the doorstep of industry-endorsed certifications!

Graduates with training are ready to pursue further education or go straight into the workforce.