Career Ready Program™

Schools and districts have an enormous challenge to ensure they meet the needs of every student, find ways to engage them in learning, and effectively prepare them to graduate.

93% of students in CTE programs graduate

Through eDynamic Learning’s large library of career-ready course options, students can define their future, ignite their learning, and stay engaged. Educators are empowered with a flexible curriculum that offers endless options to easily customize and personalize by incorporating additional elements or media options.

With more than 124 courses in 23 career tracks, the curriculum is aligned to national and examination standards and allows students to explore their career options before making a choice.  Students then follow a clearly defined path to acquire the technical knowledge and skills required to bring them to the doorstep of industry-endorsed certifications!

Graduates with training are ready to pursue further education or go straight into the workforce.

The eDynamic Learning Career Ready Program™ focuses on the following clusters: Information Technology, Health Science, and Business Management & Administration.  These pathways gear students toward fields in the highest demand, with the highest wages.

Career Pathways

Health care occupations are projected to grow 18 percent by 2026, adding more than 2 million new jobs.*


EdTech Awards Winner 2021

EdTech Awards Winner 2021

Career Planning Solution
CTE, Exploration & Career-Ready Courses from eDynamicLearning

Four-Time Finalist in Additional Categories

Digital Courseware Solution
eDynamic Learning Online Courseware

e-learning, Blended, or Flipped Solution
eDynamic Learning Online Courseware

Hiring or Internships Solution
Workplace & Internship Readiness Course from eDynamic Learning

Professional Development Learning Solution
Self-Paced PD: Implementation Essentials from eDynamic Learning

Anatomy and Physiology 1a: Introduction

“I LOVED anatomy!!!!! This has been one of my favorite science classes. I really enjoyed both the format and the content of this course. I really appreciated the weekly Friday “due date” of all the assignments being in one day. Not that I would do all of them in one day, but it was a great way of having it organized. I also liked the course content, it was very informational and i’m excited to hopefully use it in my future career. The assessments were great! Not too hard nor easy. Thank you for this course!!!!”

– Student Testimonial

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