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Middle School Career Exploration

How many times have you heard, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you close your eyes and picture yourself in the future, what do you see? Police officer? Doctor? Farmer? Pilot? Teacher? Really, the possibilities are endless. And with so many careers to pick from, it can be confusing knowing where to start your search. In Middle School Career Exploration, you will have the chance to explore more than 15 different career areas including energy fields, human resources, the law, transportation, and more. Discover which careers you might enjoy the most and which ones you’ll be best at!

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Course Highlights

  • Explore careers from law to fashion design.
  • Learn what it takes to make it in the career you want.
  • Consider how your skills and interests fit with career options.
  • Evaluate the differences between jobs and careers.

Units at a Glance

Unit 1: An Introduction to Careers

In this unit, you will learn about career education and how careers are organized. This is an introduction to your career education course, beginning with learning what career education is and ending with some information about your options in and out of school.

Unit 2: Government, Law and Public Safety Careers

In this unit, you will learn about careers in the government, public administration, law, public safety and security. These careers range from state governors to fire fighters, from lawyers to city planners. These careers require good leadership skills, organizational skills, and communication skills.

Unit 3: Careers in Manufacturing & Marketing

Who makes the products that get into your local stores? Who made the advertisement that you just saw on TV? In this unit, you will learn about careers in two different, but related, career areas. In manufacturing, these careers are focused on making products for business or consumer use. In marketing, sales, and service, products and services are sold to the public or to other companies.

Unit 4: Architecture & Engineering Careers

In this unit, you will explore careers in architecture, construction, engineering, technology, science and math. These career offer opportunities suited to students with different interests, skills and abilities. Professions in these areas include all types of  engineers and scientists, architects, construction workers of various sorts, and even historians and archaeologists.

Unit 5: Careers in Agriculture and Energy

In this unit, you will learn about careers in two areas: agriculture, food, and natural resources and energy. Agriculture, food, and natural resources include careers in farming and the businesses that are involved with agriculture, environmental sciences, and food production. Energy careers include careers in the utility industries, but also careers in alternative energy sources and those that support using energy best. These careers are critical for our society and are good for people with a strong interest in the environment, making sure that there is enough food for everyone, or living a more traditional lifestyle away from major cities.

Unit 6: Careers in Hospitality & Logistics

In this unit, you will learn about careers in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as careers involved in transportation and logistics. These careers help people get places and take care of them once they’re there. Think about restaurant staff, hotel owners and employees, officials working in amusement parks, airline pilots, bus drivers, and truck drivers. These are all careers in these two career areas.

Unit 7: Arts, Communication & Education Careers

In this unit, you will learn about careers in the arts, audio/video communication, and communication, as well as education and training. Careers in dance, music, visual arts, and all forms of media fit into art, a/v communication, and communication areas. Teaching of all sorts is included in education and training, from teaching elementary school to teaching at the university level.

Unit 8: Careers in Health Sciences & Human Services

In this unit, you will learn about careers in health sciences and human services. This career group includes careers in health care, medical research, and caregiving, as well as various positions that help to support those careers. Therapists and social workers are part of this group, along with many other jobs. These careers most often involve working closely with others and require compassion.

Unit 9: Finance & Business Management

In this unit, you will learn about careers in two different areas: finance and business management. Finance careers are all about making and managing money. Business management focuses on supervising businesses in many different fields. Both of these types of careers are good for people aiming for a high-powered professional lifestyle.

Unit 10: Information Technology

In this unit, you’ll learn about careers in information technology. This is one of the fastest growing career areas today. Every large business and government office needs information technology professionals. These careers range from app development to running a major IT department.

Unit 11: Leadership

In this unit, you will learn about leadership and how to be a leader. These skills are helpful in your education and later in the workplace. You will learn how to build self-esteem and leadership, and ways to practice your leadership skills in CTSOs and other organizations in your school.

Unit 12: Choosing a Career

In this unit, you will examine your own personality traits, skills, and abilities. This will help you to decide which career cluster and pathway might best fit you in the future. After this unit, you may even feel ready to make a plan for your education and future career.

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