Course Features

eDynamic Learning offers courses that provide students with the opportunity to personalize their learning, to engage socially and intellectually, and to achieve academic success.


Engaging Curriculum Narratives

Designed and written for how today’s students learn, our curriculum writers focus on keeping students interested in the subject matter, while video, interactive elements and assessments keep students engaged in the content. Each lesson is “chunked” into bite-sized pieces followed by a visual or an interactive making information more likely to be retained and recalled.



Reflective Discussion Assignments

High-interest discussion questions encourage students to reflect and share learning experiences.


Unit 3 Podcast

Inclusive Audio Podcast Summaries

Professional audio narration of all unit content facilitates students’ learning in different ways and provides support for English language learners.


Assessment Opportunities

A variety of assessment types ensure students can gauge their understanding, make progress in their learning, and guide them towards success.


“Labs take the unit content and give it perspective” Tomi Bestul, Valedictorian, Wisconsin Virtual Learning
Captivating Course Lab Activities

Insightful video and interactive online activities reinforce key course concepts.



Results-Oriented Teaching Resources

Our teaching resources help teachers get the best teaching and learning experiences out of their blended or online learning environments by providing strategies, pacing, and projects that go beyond answer keys and rubrics.