Freelance Writer for Cybersecurity Teacher Resources

Are you a dynamic Cybersecurity educator? We’re searching for individuals with a background in classroom teaching to create high school teacher resources for CTE courses in the Information Technology pathway. Resources will consist of Lesson Plans and Slide Decks for each unit of study in our existing courses.

The ideal candidate will have experience creating and differentiating lessons for high school students and will understand how to connect lesson plans with corresponding slide decks. All instructional materials needed for the lesson plans and slide decks will be drawn from existing course content. Preference will be given to candidates who have classroom teaching experience at the high school level. We are interested in candidates with experience in Cybersecurity and/or Networking.

Recommended Skills

  • Background in Cybersecurity and/or Networking
  • Ability to take existing course material and identify key takeaways for students
  • Understanding of how to structure a class period for students
  • Experience differentiating instructional materials
  • Creative and deadline-driven
  • Ability to apply constructive feedback
  • Ability to work remotely as part of a large team, using a variety of technologies

As part of the hiring process, potential candidates may be invited to participate in a paid audition to demonstrate their ability to write teacher resource material at an appropriate level and in an engaging manner. Writers must be able to begin immediately and work through the fall, with the potential of additional work beyond, if desired.

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  • Remote
  • Based in the United States

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