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Career Campus

Profession Profile Project

Allow students to take part in a research project where they’ll investigate a variety of factors related to a profession of their interest. They’ll learn about the salary range, the skills needed, how many industries support the position, and what the job requires.


Profession Profile Project

Career Compass Corner

Career Compass Corner

Allow students to hear from real professionals in a variety of careers through audio podcasts to gain perspectives on skills, tools used, job requirements and what they like best or least about their job.


Featured Career Snapshots
Video Game Designer

Video Game Designer Pathway

Middle School Career Exploration 1 and 2

Career Exploration For Middle School

Starting in Middle School, schools have the ability to offer our Career Exploration 1 and Career Exploration 2 courses so that students have the opportunity to consider a variety of career fields and learn more about the skills and education needed for each career path.  This also helps narrow their focus if they pursue a CTE program of study in high school.

Career Ready Program

Career Exploration for High School

Through our Career Ready Program, high school students can take our Introductory Explorer courses in Information Technology, Health Science or Business to discover which pathway and career track is right for them.

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