Career Compass Awards

Brenda Peterson

2021 Career Compass Awards Winner

School/District: Pathways Charter
State: California
Job Title: IT & CTE Coordinator

As IT and CTE Coordinator for a small public independent study charter school, Ms. Brenda Peterson assumes many responsibilities, including teaching the concentrator and capstone classes for 2 of the school’s CTE pathways (Media Arts and Video Game Design) and the Leadership class that all CTE students must take to meet CTE standards through an alternative to CTSO participation. She also supports the school’s teachers for the Child Development and Entrepreneurship CTE pathways, solicits industry representatives for advisory council and internships, is a liaison with other local schools and districts, and supports all of the staff, students, and families with IT support and training. Prior to her work with Pathways Charter, she lived in Taos, New Mexico for 10 years, where she founded an Expeditionary Learning charter high school called Vista Grande. She has been teaching and supporting teachers for almost 20 years now (my, how time flies!) and is finally finding her ideal work/life balance. At home, she is the mother to a brilliant 19 year old college student and an adventurous 3.5 year old preschooler. In her personal and professional life she is passionate about social justice/equity and environmental sustainability and enjoys reading and spending time outdoors hiking and rock climbing.

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Brenda Peterson