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What does being fit really mean? Is it just based on physical appearance, or is it something deeper? In life, we strive to be healthy and make sensible choices, but it’s difficult to know exactly what that means. It’s not only about losing weight or lifting a heavy barbell; being physically fit entails a wealth of knowledge about our bodily functions, environment, safety, diet, goals, and strategies for longevity. Human beings are complex and highly sensitive organisms that need the right kind of attention to physically excel. Being fit is about living life to the fullest and making the most of what you have: yourself! Let’s explore the world of healthy living and see how real fitness can be achieved through intention, effort, and just the right amount of knowledge.


How do people do it? In this time of longer workdays and shorter meals, how do people stay fit? Staying healthy isn’t magic; it’s a real, methodical process that anyone, with the right amount of commitment, discipline, and know-how, can use to improve their life overall. That said, the study of personal fitness is still considered a physical science, and while it may not use test tubes and microscopes, it does demand a certain level of knowledge. The human body has many functions and systems which work together to keep it running smoothly. Understanding these systems is the key to better understanding both your physical and mental self.

When most people think about exercise, they likely visualize themselves sporting some colorful gym shoes and rocking out to their favorite Spotify mix. But the more you learn about personal fitness, the more you will begin to see how it is related to a vast network of science that seeks to unlock the secrets of strength, stamina, and energy within the body. The human form is more than just a collection of bones, skin, and muscle–it is a living matrix of energetic pathways that connect the entire body to itself. Keeping fit is a lot more involved than just hitting the gym a few times a week; it requires specific knowledge about the intricacies of the body as a whole. Are you ready for a glimpse into the miracle that is your body?

The word fitness only conveys so much—you are physically capable and healthy—but when you have total fitness, that is a different story. Then, the mind supports the efforts of the body and vice versa. Achieving fitness is a personal journey, one that will require a deep level of self-acceptance and a willingness to push yourself to new limits. Designing your own unique fitness program while cultivating the right mindset for success is the winning combination to finding total fitness in your own life. When the mind and body work together, nothing can stop you!

Why did you sign up for this course on personal fitness? Perhaps you want to look better. Maybe you are tired of feeling tired. Or maybe the exercises you’ve been doing just don’t seem to be working. Regardless of your reasoning, the right way to meet your individual needs is out there—you just need to realize how to find it. Everyone’s fitness experience is unique, so take a moment to sit back and think about yours. Identifying why you want to be fit is key to understanding how to motivate yourself to stick with your fitness program, especially when things get tough. And now that you have taken that all-important first step, you just need the resolve and motivation to reach your goal.

Do you ever feel confused when deciding what to eat? Calories, fat, carbohydrates—what does it all mean? Food has a direct effect on how we feel physically and emotionally. Understanding how nutrition benefits your body will provide the tools you need to reach any fitness goal and find strength and well-being in everything you do. Even though it may sound corny, you are what you eat, so take control and decide what you want to be!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the beauty that is really there? Or do you see a disappointing collection of all the things you don’t have? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Sometimes understanding the difference between what is real and imagined is difficult and can lead to negative or confused feelings about your body. How you see yourself physically can become a preoccupation when pursuing fitness, so it’s important to understand how body image is affected by outside influences, and more importantly, how positive self-perception can foster a healthy and productive life.

Pushing yourself to do things that enhance your well-being doesn’t always feel attractive or fun—sometimes it’s just a lot of hard work. So, remembering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can really propel you forward during times of doubt or lethargy. Fitness is a life pursuit. And the rewards will alter your world in many wonderful new ways, offering both longevity and clarity. Make a plan, stick to it, and discover what your body can really do!

Course Highlights

Give your body the energy it needs to achieve your goals.
Explore the range of fitness activities to find those that are best for you.
Tailor your fitness plan for your success.
Discover how your body systems contribute to your fitness.

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