2018 Course releases from eDynamic Learning

Announcing the new eDynamic Learning courses for 2018!

3D Modeling course title graphic

3D Modeling

Are you interested in a career in technology? Are you curious about working in fields like virtual reality, video game design, marketing, television and motion pictures, or digital imaging? If so, this course in 3D Modeling is a great place to start as it is the foundation for all these career paths. Gain a deeper understanding of graphic design and illustration as you use 3D animation software to create virtual three-dimensional design projects. Hone in on your drawing, photography, and 3D construction techniques and develop the skills needed to navigate within a 3D digital modeling workspace. This course is an excellent introduction to careers in the fast-growing field of technology and design. Learn more →

American Sign Language 1 course title graphic

American Sign Language 1: Learn to Sign

Did you know that American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most commonly used language in North America? The predominant sign language of Deaf communities in the United States, American Sign Language is complex and robust, consisting of signs made with the hands, facial expressions, and body postures. American Sign Language 1: Learn to Sign will introduce you to the language, grammar, and phonology, so that you can start communicating right away. Importantly, you will explore Deaf culture – social beliefs, traditions, history, values and communities influenced by deafness and which use sign language as the primary means of communication.

American Sign Language 2 course title graphic

American Sign Language 2: Communicating
FALL 2018

American Sign Language (ASL) is a fascinating and complicated language that plays a huge part in deaf culture. In American Sign Language 2: Communicating, you will build on the skills you learned in American Sign Language 1 and explore its long and rich history. In this course, you will also expand your knowledge of the language as well as your understanding of the world in which it is frequently used. Grow your sign vocabulary and improve your ability to interact using facial expressions and body language. You will also learn current trends in technology within ASL as well as potential education and career opportunities.

Animation course title graphic


Do you wonder what it would be like to create the next blockbuster animated movie or do you want to make the next big video game? Do you have an eye for drawing, technology, and timing? If so, Animation is the course for you! You will learn how to u se animation tools to conceptualize and bring your creations to life. You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating 2D and 3D animation, from start to finish. You’ll even begin working on our own design portfolio and get hands on experience with creating your own animation projects. Le arning about Animation could lead to a thriving career in the growing world of technolo gy and animation.Are you inherently creative? Do you have an eye for drawing, technology, and timing? 2D Animation will give you the tools to conceptualize and bring your animation dreams to life. Using a variety of software and design programs, you’ll have the power to transform your creative notions into reality. Learning about 2D Animation could lead to a thriving career in the growing world of technology and animation! Learn more →

Coding 1a course title graphic

Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming

Have you ever wanted to create your own web page or wondered how your favorite websites were built? Maybe you want to know more about how computers and technology are affecting the world around us. In Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming, you will explore the role technology plays in our lives as well as study the fundamentals of computer science, review hardware and software, and learn how the internet functions. You will also discover how to create and build your own website using HTML and CSS and learn basic and complex commands and sequences as you become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming. This course also covers data collection methods, access rights, protocols, and security.

Coding 1b course title graphic

Coding 1b: Programming
FALL 2018

Are you passionate about technology? Do you love learning how things work and are excited about the idea of further exploring the world of computer science? If you thrived in Coding 1a: Introduction to Progamming, now is your chance to build on that knowledge with Coding 1b: Progamming. In this course, you will continue to cultivate an understanding of programming languages and expand on website development. You will learn the difference between web development and web application development as well as further explore Advanced Python, HTML, and JavaScript. You will also examine software engineering concepts, learn more about security, privacy, and ethics in technology, and explore the wide variety of careers in computing.

Cosmetology 2: The Business of Skin and Nail Care

Helping people put their best face forward is a growing, vibrant industry which needs skilled and personable professionals well-versed in the latest trends and technological advances. In Cosmetology 2: The Business of Skin and Nails, experience what the day-to-day life of a cosmetologist is like. You will discover that cosmetology is much more than knowing and applying techniques. Additionally, you will explore skin care and facials, learn how to give manicures and pedicures and how to apply artificial nails, and gain an understanding of different hair removal techniques. Discover the next steps towards launching a rewarding and creative career in cosmetology.

Cosmetology 3: Waving, Colouring, and Developing Hair Skills is in development for Fall 2018.

Culinary Arts 2: Baking, Pastry, and More!

Whether you aspire to be a world-class chef or just want to learn the skills needed to create your own dishes, Culinary Arts 2: Baking, Pastry, and More! will help you build a strong foundation and grow your knowledge of this exciting industry. In this course, you will explore baking and desserts, learn how to prepare proteins, and study nutrition and safety in the kitchen. You will also enhance your understanding of sustainability in the food industry, learn to prepare meals from a global perspective, and dissect the business of cooking, from managing a kitchen to successfully running a catering company. Discover the delights that await you on this delicious culinary adventure!

Cybersecurity course title graphic

Cybersecurity 1a: Foundations

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a hacker? Or think about who is trying to steal your passwords while you’re shopping online using the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop? Can someone be watching your personal, private information? Can anything be kept “secret” online? We depend more and more on the technologies we interact with every day. This creates the need for increased system and network security measures. And, it means we all need to know more about how to protect valuable and vulnerable information. This course introduces you to the tools, technologies, and methods needed to protect online information and addresses how these issues are impacting safety and rights on a global and personal level. Learn what exciting career possibilities await you in the new and high-demand field of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity 1b: Defences Against Threats coming Spring 2018.

Forensics course title graphic

Forensics: The Science of Crime

We watch with interest as crime scenes are dramatized on television and in film, and sit on the edge of our seat as various members of the justice system solve the most baffling cases. But what about the science behind the crime? Forensics: The Science of Crime explores the role science and technology plays in this fascinating and growing career. In this course, you’ll learn the specialized skills and techniques used during a crime scene investigation and how evidence and data is expertly collected, preserved, and analyzed. With a strong focus on the innovative science used in the field as well as participation in interactive activities, you will follow the entire forensic process – from examining evidence to taking the findings to trial – and learn how the professionals are utilizing science to bring criminals to justice.

Game Design 1a

Tap into your creative and technical skills as you learn about the many aspects involved with designing video games. With this course, you’ll learn about different video game software and hardware; various gaming platforms; the technical skills necessary to design games; troubleshooting and Internet safety techniques; the history of gaming; and you’ll even have the opportunity to create your very own plan for a 2D video game!

Game Design 1b
FALL 2018

We live in a technologically advanced world. And a huge part of that world is based in virtual reality and video games. Explore various video game software and hardware, sharpen your coding skills, learn about game storylines, player progression, and algorithmic decision making. Utilize twenty-first century skills involving creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and technical expertise.

Health Science: Nursing title graphic

Health Science: Nursing

Nursing is an in-demand career, perfect for someone looking for a rewarding and challenging vocation in the healthcare sector. With a strong focus on patient care, a nurse must be skilled in communication, promoting wellness, and understanding safety in the workplace. In Health Science: Nursing, you will explore communication and ethics, anatomy and physiology, and the practice of nursing. Learn how to build relationships with individuals, families, and communities and how to develop wellness strategies for your patients. From emergency to rehabilitative care to advances and challenges in the healthcare industry, discover how you can launch a fulfilling career providing care to others. Learn more →

Health Science: Public Health title graphic

Health Science: Public Health

What is public health? Who is in control of our health systems and who decides which diseases get funding and which do not? What are the human and environmental reasons for health inequality? Health Science: Public Health answers all of these questions and more. You will study both infectious and non-communicable diseases as well as learn how we conquer these on a community and global level through various methods, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. Explore the role current and future technologies play worldwide as well as consider the ethics and governance of health on a global scale. Discover unique career opportunities, and fascinating real-life situations. Learn more →

Hospitality and Tourism 2: Hotel and Restaurant Management

If you love working with people, a future in hospitality may be for you. In Part 1 of Hospitality and Tourism 2: Hotel and Restaurant Management, you will learn about what makes the hotel and restaurant industries unique. Learn about large and small restaurants, boutique and resort hotels, and their day-to-day operations. Evaluate the environment for these businesses by examining their customers and their competition. As well, you will discover trends and technological advances that makes each industry exciting and innovative. In Part 1, you can explore a variety of interesting job options from Front Desk and Concierge services to Maître d and food service.

Human and Social Services 1

Those working in the field of social services are dedicated to strengthening the economic and social well-being of others and helping them lead safe and independent lives. In Human and Social Services 1, you will explore the process of helping, body, mind, and family wellness, and how you can become a caring social service professional. If you are interested in an emotionally fulfilling and rewarding career and making a difference in the lives of others, social and human services may be the right field for you.

Learning in a Digital World: Strategies for Success

The digital world seems to change every day, and touch more of our lives. We use technology to communicate with friends and family, find neverending entertainment options, follow our favorite sports teams and fashion trends, and do our school work. In Learning in a Digital World: Strategies for Success you will get the tools to navigate this exciting and always changing world. Learn about real-world issues and how to solve real-world problems through interactive and hands-on assignments. Discover what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, expand your digital literacy, and become a successful online student. Consider the best ways to find, create, and share information, learn to maximize information and communication technologies, and explore digital content creation, from emails and blogs to social media, videos, and podcasts.

Life Skills course title graphic

Life Skills: Navigating Adulthood

What do you want out of life? How do you achieve your dreams for the future? These can be difficult questions to answer, but with the right tools, they don’t have to be. This course will encourage you to learn more about yourself and help you to prepare for the future. You will explore goal setting, decision making, and surviving college and career. You will also discover how to become a valuable contributing member of society. Now is the time to take action. It’s your life, make it count! Learn more →

Middle School Coding 1a course title graphic

Middle School Coding 1a

Do you find yourself wondering how your favorite apps, websites, and games were made? Maybe you want to try building your own. Well, now you can! In Middle School Coding 1a, you will learn all about the technology you use in your day-to-day life as well as explore how the internet functions. Get an introduction to the basics of computer science and discover how to create and build your very own website using HTML and CSS. You’ll also become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming. You will leave the course with your very own portfolio of work that will showcase your skills and all that you’ve created.

Middle School Coding 1b course title graphic

Middle School Coding 1b
FALL 2018

We don’t always think about the role technology plays in our world but the truth is technology influences our everyday lives and affects how we relate to our friends, family, and even complete strangers. For those wanting to develop a greater understanding of this technology comes Middle School Coding 1b. Building on what you learned in Middle School Coding 1a, you’ll expand your knowledge of programming languages and web development and further explore Advanced Python, HTML, and JavaScript. You will also learn the difference between web development and web application development and continue to grow your portfolio, which will serve to highlight everything you have learned and created in the course.

Middle School Game Design 1 course title graphic

Middle School Game Design 1a

We all love to play video games – but have you ever wanted to build your own? If you are interested in a career in technology but also want a creative outlet, Game Design might be the field for you. Learn how to build a game from the ground up in Middle School Game Design 1, an interactive and hands-on course that will teach you all the ins and outs of making your own game. You will learn the importance of game structure and discover what makes a game fun, challenging, and interesting to players just like you. You will also have the opportunity to explore the design and creative process involved in game creation, learn block-based programs, and experiment with character and story development. As a bonus, you will leave the course with a digital portfolio of everything you created in class. Learn more →

Middle School Game Design 1b is in development for Fall 2018.